Executive : Compliance , Accreditation and Regulations(CAR)

This organization s in the social housing and affordable housing sector.The Minister of Human Settlements wants the KPI and delivery targets achieved within budget and compliance and regulatory constraints.

Location: Parktown
Purpose: To contribute to the speedy delivery of social housing as part of the South African collective responsibility to ensure that all South African citizens have the ability to progressively realize that South African citizens have the right to housing is fully integrated into human settlements.
Salary: R120 000 ctc month
Package: R 1.5 Million tctc
Country: ZA
Minimum requirements: *A Tertiary qualification( a three-year degree)

* A Post Graduate degree or equivalent in commerce, project management, QS, Construction or similar is essential

* 5 years’ public sector experience  in social and rental housing

*Experience in rental housing in the private sector  would be a definitive advantage

*5 years’ senior leadership experience

*Proven successful 3 years’  minimum  interaction with a Board/Council

* A minimum of 10 years’ compliance  and  or regulatory experience in any environment

Additional comments:

Clive H Viveiros, the key accountant on this role  has extensive experience in social housing, human settlement, project  and construction planning.

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