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Emergence Growth is a leading Human Capital, Reward & Learning solutions provider, with offices in a number of African countries. They have a passion for assisting organisations to grow and expand their businesses in Africa. They partner with organisations to deliver against their mandate, and to exceed performance criteria. All interventions combine local knowledge with global insight to ensure practical changes and meaningful performance improvement. They design practical solutions that meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Johan has worked in the financial services industry for 13 years in the areas of Mergers, Acquisitions and Turn-around management at executive level. In this capacity he regularly had to strategically re-align companies and executive teams. The way in which he experienced his last assignment in this industry led to him deciding to re align his own career.

Johan established a Headhunting and Executive Search company which quickly became one of the leading firms in South Africa with broad international representation. He has been a Headhunter for the last 14 years. A logical expansion was to venture into Coaching and Mentoring which increasingly demanded more of his time, especially over the last four to five years.

In order to further enhance his leadership expertise and coaching skill and capacity, he is currently enrolled for the MPhil in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He holds a MBA for which he wrote his thesis on Leadership. (The Leadership Perception of Black Workers in South Africa.) The thesis was a prescribed reference work at some of the leading business schools in SA.

Johan’s aim and focus with coaching is to facilitate the growth in decision making, strategic functioning and the ability of individuals to better deal with the demands of change and uncertainty in their corporate roles. Due to his own executive experience and background in corporates, he tends to focus his coaching at an executive level but he communicates and coaches comfortably at all levels.

Johan is also experienced at group and team coaching and has effectively contributed to teams developing their communication, decision making, strategic alignment and executive functioning skills.

He selects from a host of tools and models, depending on the coaching requirement of the client, to facilitate coaching outcomes with coachees, enabling them to grow and to function more efficient and more self-confident in their current positions.

He normally contracts to coach for specific outcomes and periods of time. These contracts are negotiated according to the unique requirements of the assignment. As part of the contracting he requires the coachee to work through a coaching book for coachees which he provides.

Rose’s professional career started in Education, progressed on to Organizational Development, and now coaching.  She is actively involved as a Consultant, as well as Life, Business and Executive Coach and facilitator.

Rose has extensive experience in all education sectors, as an Educator, Principal and Executive in Higher Education; Technikon Registrar and Executive Director Student Affairs.  She has done developmental work for USAID through consulting and training projects. She also has experience in monitoring and evaluation of projects impact in organizations.  Her executive coaching assignments and experience has been with government, private sector and several organizations around the country.

Anne Newman, owner of La Rouge is a registered psychologist who has worked extensively in the field of talent development, from assessment of competencies and learning potential, to development of talent by means of specially designed accelerated development programmes and facilitation of group talent and capacity building. Anne has many years of experience in facilitation and brings about change using her skills as a psychologist combined with many years of corporate experience.

Anne specializes in assessment design which aims to provide accurate information from selected psychometric tests, case studies, in baskets, structured interviews. Anne works from competency based job profiles so that assessments are designed to cover the identified competencies of the job. Assessments are conducted at all levels from top executive positions to identifying potential and ability in people even if they are illiterate. The latter is done through a mediated assessment process conducted in the language of the candidate being assessed. Anne also assists in identifying competencies should this be required (in South Africa labour law requires assessments to be done against clearly defined competencies).

EvaleX as an assessment tool dates back to May 1980, but as an automated system, had its origins in 1987, when the first software application was developed to automate the Behavioural Assessment process. It went through 2 generations of re-invention and was totally re-written in 1999 in a SQL database with various front ends, to accommodate both a Web and desk-top environment. EvaleX now presents itself as a fully-fledged Intellectual Capital Management system, with powerful Human Resource modules.

The PDA Assessment is a reliable, scientifically-validated tool that was specifically developed to understand and describe the behavior of individuals.