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Emergence Growth is a leading Human Capital, Reward & Learning solutions provider, with offices in a number of African countries. They have a passion for assisting organisations to grow and expand their businesses in Africa.

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Johan is a highly regarded and well-known Master Coach across South Africa for C-Suite Executives in their current roles or who are part of a structured and managed succession plan within an organization.

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strategic partnerships

Anne Newman, owner of La Rouge is a registered psychologist who has worked extensively in the field of talent development, from assessment of competencies and learning potential, to development of talent by means of specially designed accelerated development programmes and facilitation of group talent and capacity building.

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EvaleX as an assessment tool dates back to May 1980, but as an automated system, had its origins in 1987, when the first software application was developed to automate the Behavioural Assessment process.

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PDA international

The PDA Assessment is a reliable, scientifically-validated tool that was specifically developed to understand and describe the behavior of individuals.

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