Hi my name is

Tholiwe Zungu Artist

and this is my success story

It all began in the year 2002 when I was only 21 years old. I was awarded an artist proof studio bursary to study print making and was then supported with a pinpoint one human resources sponsorship. This sponsorship supported me as a young artist – encouraging my talent and provided me with the wherewithal required to complete my education.

How really did the pinpoint one sponsorship help me: it helped me in sense that I was able to grow from a young artist developing into a professional artist enabling me to collaborate with other well known and established artists; learning all the other interesting techniques required to become a professional artist; I became a good printer; I broadened my mind in the way I viewed things; I was recognized by master printers such as Timothy Foulds and had the opportunity and the honour to print for William Kentridge. This experience expanded to include printing for other professional artists.

The future came knocking when I was selected with my fellow colleague Nkosinathi Ndlandla, also a artist sponsored by pinpoint one, when we were selected to participate in a project at Rudgers University, New Jersey. It was our first visit outside of the country to the USA. This is proof of those who believed in us and never gave up on us Kim Berman from Artist Proof Studio and pinpoint one.

This success and personal growth and learning to collaborate and network with others in any form of work or in any field or industry and in any art form meant that I became independent and confident of in myself and my potential.

Currently I am an entrepreneur working with branding and marketing
tools for a company called Future Brand Media House. I am the Operations manager whilst still practicing as an artist developing contemporary and authentic artworks

My last words would be thank you to

-pinpoint one: Clive Viveiros, Florence Thom, Lucia Mabasa and Lizelle

-artist proof studio

-my teachers

–last but not least my special friend who passed away a few years back. She played a big role in my success story which I am telling today – she goes by the name of Lizelle( a partner of pinpoint one who passed away in 2006)

Thank you very much.

( slightly adjusted by Clive H Viveiros on 15 May 2012)


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