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12 July 2021

Dear Clients and Candidates

I trust that this letter finds you and all those close to you well and in good health.
To our clients, candidates and service providers, if you have lost loved ones due to COVID 19, our thoghts are with you.

The country has been placed on adjusted alert level 4 until 25 July 2021. Besides COVID 19, violent protests and rioters  are encroaching on the malls and office complexes.making coming to work even more dangerous.

Limited impact on the business of pinpoint one human resources
We continue tp experience limited disruption on the business of pinpoint one human resources and the pinpoint one human resources team will continue to deliver superior and professional services to our clients and candidates.  The following team members whose premises have been assessed will continue to work from home:

  • The team of Research Associates
  • The team of consultants
  • Strategic Support
  • The executive team – Lucia Mabasa, Managing Director and Clive H Viveiros, Founding Member and Executive Director.

pinpoint one human resources has a well-structured employee centric policy in place for our colleagues working from home – the Work from Home Policy. For our clients and candidates each team member’s home has been assessed for continuous wi-fi and internet connectivity.

The health and safety of pinpoint one human resources office colleagues, candidates and clients are paramount. pinpoint one human resources complies with the Covid 19 protocols.

Working from Workshop 17 pinpoint one human resources office
There is sufficient space at the Workshop 17 offices for hot desking; there are interview offices with the correct social distancing protocols for a final client and candidate face to face interview; there are also offices with monitors for pre-screening MS Teams interviews.
This enables and ensures our clients continue with the executive search and recruitment of talent – connecting best business with best talent – for their current and future needs.

COVID 19 Protocols in place
2.1 Social distancing, masks and sanitising laptops and desks after each client-candidate engagement is conducted.

2.2 Sanitizers have been placed in the meeting rooms, hot desking area and the Workshop 17 eatery.
pinpoint one human resources administrative team have masks, sanitizer and glass screens between each desk to ensure compliance.

2.3 pinpoint one human resources appointed Compliance officer will continue ensuring compliance.

2.4 Screening is done by Workshop 17 at the entrance, reception area and the pinpoint one human resources compliance officer also screens each person that comes into the pinpoint one human resources office.
The pinpoint one administrative team will continue to work from the office providing superior administrative support.

Clive and I will be working remotely but will also visit our offices  and maintain contact with our colleagues from home ensuring our colleagues remain motivated  and delivery focussed.

Health and safety
We will continue to monitor the impact that Covid 19 has on our business and engage with you accordingly. The health and safety of everyone in our team and in our candidate and client community remains a priority.

Celebrate with us pinpoint one human resources’ sustainability.
Currently pinpoint one human resources is blessed in having numerous C-Suite Executive, critical and scarce roles.

Every effort will be made to refresh the pinpoint one human resources website and our careers page

The URL to the pinpoint one LinkedIn profile where our exciting roles will be advertised is:

Yours sincerely

Lucia Mabasa
Managing Director

Our assignments are continuously exciting and relevant in this consistently challenging economy.

our story

A story that goes back to the 1st of May 1999 – “International Workers’ Day”
as the world was nervous about the possible chaos of Y2K, we instead were confident about our business being an entrepreneurial business in the post 1994 South Africa. We grouped together purposefully and energetically focused on crafting our executive search business the way we wanted it to be…. and it has sustained itself – and it did not always take us where we wanted to be.

Over the years we participated and are involved in our country, South Africa’s transformation. We witnessed many changes and made a small contribution to moving our nation forward and giving effect to Transformation. We are part of the struggles and the complex challenges our country and our continent faces. We evolved and changed and remoulded the pinpoint one executive search business such that pinpoint one human resources now offers a seamless service in the HR talent sourcing value chain:

…….from organizational design (OD) to job description, to job grading, to salary benchmarking, to executive search and recruitment ,to administering global and South African tailored psychometric, competency and behaviour assessments to C-Suite executive coaching…..

We continuously update and up skill the pinpoint one human resources team acknowledging that we are a small South African executive search business. Wanting to grow and expand.

Then the curve ball – is our executive search firm sustainable and sufficiently agile to surf the fluidity in the South African and African economy.

Throughout the global COVID 19 pandemic, pinpoint one human resources acquired renewed tenacity, new and innovative talent and a kinred of spirit as our team “rose from the ashes” and we continued “connecting best business with best talent, here in South Africa and across Africa.

Our new offices in Rosebank reflects our purpose to be relevant to our clients and candidates without losing the tangible “people touch point”.

pinpoint one human resources continue to learn from, be inspired by and have fun with our clients and our candidates alike.

pinpoint one human resources is not only sustainable we continue to place talented people in meaningful employment, place talented people on the next rung of the corporate ladder or encouraging talented people to transfer and share skills with the expanding businesses in the SADC African countries and placing talented people in new careers which did not exist a few years ago.

By doing so, pinpoint one human resources responsibly delivers and contributes to the success of our clients’ businesses.

We are a team, lead by Lucia and Clive, we are passionate and we are focused on connecting the BEST of business with the BEST of talent!

our colour

After nearly 20 years in business, pinpoint one has selected the colour INDIGO to reflect the true values and unique characteristics which form the DNA of pinpoint one – integrity, passionate, solution and truth seekers, perceptive, intelligent, high expectations of self and others, traditional, creative and spiritual.

Our team embraces these characteristics which promote our ETHOS to serve our clients optimally.

our ethos

defining our soul


We deliver whatever it takes


We maintain the highest levels of professionalism in partnerships

diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is important to the culture of our clients and our workforce


We are passionate in what we do


We operate with the highest levels of integrity, following the principles of transparency, fairness and objectivity


We are energized by our work ensuring the continued success of our clients’ businesses


We research and implement the latest developments and best practices in human capital solutions


We ensure relevance in the continuing changing economic environment


our purpose

To connect business decision makers with the best of talent in Africa

our vision

To be a leading and highly respected executive search and head-hunting firm in South Africa and across Africa.

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