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Employee Onboarding Process – a critical path towards new employee success

PART 1: What is Onboarding / Induction   Onboarding is the process of helping your company’s new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs as quickly as possible. Human Resources and Training staff are highly involved … Continue reading

pinpoint one human resources celebrates 20 years…. a company built to contribute to South Africa

THE STORY of pinpoint one is the story of South Africa or – to be more precise – the story of contributing to the new South Africa. It began with a chance meeting in 1980 when Florence Thom and Clive … Continue reading

Qualifications, Attitude and Ability Count

THE RECENT row around the educational qualifications – or rather the lack of them – among Members of Parliament has taught South Africans one thing at least: experience only trumps qualifications when there is no stipulated requirement for them for … Continue reading

Navigating the minefield of social media

SOCIAL media is littered with the graves of once promising careers. Google them. You’ll find analysts who’ve lost their jobs, politicians who have found themselves in the centre of digital firestorms – and ordinary citizens who have gone to jail, … Continue reading

Don’t risk having stoned staff

THE Constitutional Court’s recent ground-breaking judgment on cannabis consumption and cultivation for private use might have been widely hailed across the country – but there are major potential pitfalls for South African companies. The court effectively decriminalised the private or … Continue reading

Today’s worker needs integrity as never before

INTEGRITY is everything. It’s a critical component of a good leader, precisely the kind of people we are often called upon to find for our clients, to lead their companies. It’s amazing though how often those very candidates – who … Continue reading

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