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Business leaders! Plan the year ahead for yourself

Welcome to your brand-new year   Executive search across Africa Welcome to your brand-new year and with it the hope of incredible opportunities. Some of those aspirations though, much like their cousins; New Year’s resolutions, can be dashed very quickly. … Continue reading

Year end gamble: office party or bonus or celebrating yourself

The end of the year is fast approaching. You are probably tired as you read this, some of you will be exhausted because it has been that kind of year. I know I am. But you can’t give up yet, … Continue reading

There can be no free ride on a hiring panel

pinpoint one human resources offers executive recruitment services.   Mamokgethi Phakeng The appointment of Mamokgethi Phakeng as vice chancellor of the University of Cape Town came into the spotlight in recent weeks. This following the release of the special report … Continue reading

Prejudice is SA’s greatest disability.

WE LIVE In a country with one of the most progressive constitutions in the world; designed to not just to address the pain of the past but also lay the foundations for a progressive society that could be the envy … Continue reading

Are you a corporate bully?

Beating bullies is often your toughest test. POWER dynamics are part and parcel of the C-Suite, we all know that. Very few people get to the corner office on the basis of their skills, good luck and charm alone.   … Continue reading

C-Suite Executives – What it really takes

There’s a lot more to running a company than just hitting targets MASTERING your core competencies simply is not enough if you want to make it onto the C-Suite. In fact, that is the very least you need. Today, you … Continue reading

Honest CV guidelines that will keep you at the top

It’s tough getting to the top – it’s even harder staying there YOU’VE got the CV and seen the vacancy. Do you think you should get the job? My job is headhunting CEO and other C Suite executives. I find … Continue reading

A birthday is a time to reflect – even in your own business

Today business cannot afford to be complacent when it celebrates numbers of years in business. Manage forward. Anticipate crises. Do business in the present. It's our birthday this month. We were formed 24 years ago on a wave of optimism … Continue reading

It’s time for women leaders to hold the ladder for others, not let it go

ppo has one of the top women leaders in South Africa - Lucia Mabasa I HAD THE privilege of attending a women in leadership function in Pretoria earlier this month. I was struck by two very different perceptions of women … Continue reading

pinpoint one human resources goes back to its roots for bespoke birthday bash

pinpoint one human resources is one of the top executive head hunting firms in South Africa The time came to find a venue for boutique c-suite. Critical skills executive search agency pinpoint one’s ongoing birthday celebration programme. There could only … Continue reading

Make this year, your year

executive search specialist - pinpoint one human resources This year already started. How is it going? Are you still refreshed and energised and raring to go? If your answer is yes, then that’s brilliant because your staff need to feel … Continue reading

pinpoint one human resources celebrated 24 years in executive search on the 1 May 2023

The DNA is care compassion and gender equality CHRISTA von La Chevallerie is a trailblazer. She grew up on the family farm, Nuwedam in the Paardeberg Mountain, in the Swartland. By far the largest winemaking area in the country if … Continue reading

Learn to tame the tiger (and the staffer) in the disciplinary process

Disciplinary hearings are often among the hardest jobs any manager can face. They are cloaked in legalese, very formulaic in procedure and yet invariably very personal. Some managers try to shy away from ever getting involved, but this can have … Continue reading

No business in the bedroom, but don’t be mum in the boardroom.

executive search firm south africa - pinpoint one human resources How honest are we really? It's not a trick question, but perhaps the most profound one all of us will have to answer this year - and every year. If … Continue reading

Don’t get kissed under the mistletoe at the office party this year

Company expenses in the form of end of the year functions IT’S THAT time of the year again. No, not Christmas, it’s even worse; office Christmas parties. In this case, also seen as company expenses. It’s time to decompress, destress … Continue reading

Why cultural diversity in the workplace is vital

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace is imperative for an inclusive and democratic South Africa Make Heritage Day a part of your everyday corporate culture ON September 24, South Africa celebrates Heritage Day. It is a wonderful day to take stock … Continue reading

Executive pay and the B-word

Executive Pay. It's that time of year again. We're tired. You can see it in productivity and attitudes. This year's been busy; coming out of the old normal and entering a sense of the new normal. But it isn’t over … Continue reading

Challenging gender inequality in the boardroom

Challenging Gender Inequality- Every Women's Day, we think of those brave women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 and told apartheid prime minister JG Strijdom: "Wathint'abafazi, Strijdom, (You strike a woman, Strijdom)" they told him, "wathint'imbokodo … Continue reading

Remote work and mental health, It’s time to go back to the office

Remote Work And Mental Health - Spending time at the office is a chance to escape domestic pressures, says pinpoint one’s Lucia Mabasa. There is still a huge debate raging around returning to work versus working from home. But in … Continue reading

Happy news report

IT STARTED with a young boy, a 3D printer and a birthday present. Now there’s a plan to put a plastic frog on every desk in corporate South Africa. The plan is the dream of pinpoint one executive search co-founder … Continue reading

You are not alone, says human resources expert

CLIVE VIVEIROS THIS month, the company I co-founded on Worker’s Day in 1999 turns 23. It’s a strange time. We’ve just come through COVID-19. We’ve survived the pandemic, but we’ve all experienced it. We see it in our business, in … Continue reading

We all need a little bit of tender loving care

LUCIA MABASO ON EASTER Sunday, I became a statistic. I was in a car accident. It was traumatic. The airbags all deployed as the other car hit me on the motorway. I was lucky, the last time I was in … Continue reading

Why Africa doesn’t jump into the fray on Ukraine

Africans have learned the hard way that, as one of their proverbs puts it, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” Now that the East and the West are clashing again, many outside the continent fail to understand … Continue reading

If you want to get ahead, don’t take an arm and a leg

Executive Search Specialist-  Appreciate the job you have  LUCIA MABASA A JOB is more than something you do from 9-to-5 from Monday to Friday. It’s a relationship between the employer and the employee. Show up every day, produce what you … Continue reading

International women’s day- Achieving real equality

Let’s stop window dressing and achieve real equality March 8 is International Women’s Day. Depending on which metric you use South Africa has done very well – or incredibly poorly – when it comes to how we regard and how … Continue reading

Corporate whistleblowers – How to manage your future?

LUCIA MABASA ONE OF THE SADDEST aspects of the current state of business in South Africa is the incredibly high level of malfeasance, whether in the highest echelons of listed companies, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) or the public service. We read … Continue reading

Fight against fake medicines: the Brazzaville Foundation becomes a member of the fight the fakes alliance


Social media screening impacts your career

Social Media Screening has a substantial impact on the interview process for C-Suite Executives This is going to be the year of change. You only have to pick up the papers or switch on the TV. Everything is swirling about. … Continue reading

Give yourself the best Christmas present, time to introspect.

AS business leaders, especially C-Suite executives, head into the final straight before the much-needed year-end break, some will be thinking about really personal issues: their bonuses and incentives that they might be hoping for but might not get. Others will … Continue reading

Diversity and inclusion – The bottom line

LUCIA MABASA A strong diversity and inclusion strategy can make or break an organisation. ONE of the things that has concerned me this year is the continuing reluctance of some C-Suite executives, and particularly CEOs, to properly grasp the nettle … Continue reading

The Hawthorne Effect and the Future Leadership Attributes required

The Hawthorne Effect was discovered because of research commissioned at a Western Electric parts factory in Hawthorne, Illinois.  The study was commissioned to determine whether changing the lighting conditions in the factory would increase employee productivity and initial findings appeared … Continue reading

transitioning from 2020 to 2021

21 December 2020   THANK YOU   Dear Clients, Candidates and Friends It is difficult to express any view on this past year 2020 which has not already been said. 2020 was a unique year filled with opportunities.   pinpoint … Continue reading

Leadership Competencies and Business Sustainability

When navigating today’s ambiguous world, c-suite executives find themselves in a complex business environment. This has resulted in many organisations trying to future proof their organisations to minimise risk. The best time to observe the quality of leaders that you … Continue reading

Pinpoint One Human Resources Careers

Know the Symptoms of COVID-19 12 March 2020 Shared with care and concern for our Clients, Candidates and Friends From the team of pinpoint one human resources   Know the Symptoms of COVID-19 By Brenda Goodman, MA   March 10, … Continue reading

Employee Onboarding Process

A critical path towards new employee success PART 1: What is Onboarding / Induction   Onboarding is the process of helping your company’s new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs as quickly as possible. Human … Continue reading

pinpoint one human resources celebrates 20 years

A company built to contribute to South Africa THE STORY of pinpoint one is the story of South Africa or – to be more precise – the story of contributing to the new South Africa. It began with a chance … Continue reading

Qualifications, Attitude and Ability Count

THE RECENT row around the educational qualifications – or rather the lack of them – among Members of Parliament has taught South Africans one thing at least: experience only trumps qualifications when there is no stipulated requirement for them for … Continue reading

Navigating the minefield of social media

SOCIAL media is littered with the graves of once promising careers. Google them. You’ll find analysts who’ve lost their jobs, politicians who have found themselves in the centre of digital firestorms – and ordinary citizens who have gone to jail, … Continue reading

Don’t risk having stoned staff

THE Constitutional Court’s recent ground-breaking judgment on cannabis consumption and cultivation for private use might have been widely hailed across the country – but there are major potential pitfalls for South African companies. The court effectively decriminalised the private or … Continue reading

Today’s worker needs integrity as never before

INTEGRITY is everything. It’s a critical component of a good leader, precisely the kind of people we are often called upon to find for our clients, to lead their companies. It’s amazing though how often those very candidates – who … Continue reading

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