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Give yourself the best Christmas present, time to introspect.

AS business leaders, especially C-Suite executives, head into the final straight before the much-needed year-end break, some will be thinking about really personal issues: their bonuses and incentives that they might be hoping for but might not get. Others will … Continue reading

Diversity and Inclusion – The Bottom Line

LUCIA MABASA A strong diversity and inclusion strategy can make or break an organisation. ONE of the things that has concerned me this year is the continuing reluctance of some C-Suite executives, and particularly CEOs, to properly grasp the nettle … Continue reading

Job Hunt Tips from a Top Executive Search Firm

THE HIGH rate of unemployment doesn’t just affect the bottom end of the market, it affects every level of our economic ecosystem all the way through to the boardroom – and the pressures and fears are exponentially worse, the higher … Continue reading

CEOs and the true cost of COVID-19 – for them

COVID 19 has taught us many things, it’s also changed the fundamentals of how we do things. There are very few areas that have been left unscathed, whether it’s how we work to how we shop and even how we … Continue reading

Executive remuneration in times of uncertainty

This article by Vuyo Mxoriso, for Allan Gray, explores Executive remuneration in uncertain times.   

The Hawthorne Effect and the Future Leadership Attributes required

The Hawthorne Effect was discovered because of research commissioned at a Western Electric parts factory in Hawthorne, Illinois.  The study was commissioned to determine whether changing the lighting conditions in the factory would increase employee productivity and initial findings appeared … Continue reading

transitioning from 2020 to 2021 – thank YOU

21 December 2020   THANK YOU   Dear Clients, Candidates and Friends It is difficult to express any view on this past year 2020 which has not already been said. 2020 was a unique year filled with opportunities.   pinpoint … Continue reading

Leadership Competencies and Business Sustainability

When navigating today’s ambiguous world, c-suite executives find themselves in a complex business environment. This has resulted in many organisations trying to future proof their organisations to minimise risk. The best time to observe the quality of leaders that you … Continue reading

Pinpoint One Human Resources Careers

Know the Symptoms of COVID-19 12 March 2020 Shared with care and concern for our Clients, Candidates and Friends From the team of pinpoint one human resources   Know the Symptoms of COVID-19 By Brenda Goodman, MA   March 10, … Continue reading

Employee Onboarding Process

A critical path towards new employee success PART 1: What is Onboarding / Induction   Onboarding is the process of helping your company’s new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs as quickly as possible. Human … Continue reading

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