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After 24 years in business of offering executive job placement services, pinpoint one human resources, a c-suite executive recruiters firm, has selected the colour INDIGO to reflect the true values and unique characteristics which form the DNA of pinpoint one – integrity, passionate, solution and truth seekers, perceptive, intelligent, high expectations of self and others, traditional, creative and spiritual.

Our team embraces these characteristics which promote our ETHOS to serve our clients optimally.

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pinpoint one human resources embraces the world with an executive search service with care and compassion, for people still suffering from the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had on the world. #lovemelovemyfrog

Johannesburg – Three years ago, James Bateson discovered the joys of 3D printing while still a schoolboy in England. It was during the first lockdown of COVID 19. Very quickly he developed a passion for printing tiny frogs, which he would leave behind in the hope that they would be found. People were isolated and alone. This was a way of connecting.


“At first it was my reminder to my friends, that I was around and then they started giving frogs to their friends,” he remembered this week in Johannesburg. Soon it grew to something bigger, digital things could go viral, but could he do the same with a physical artefact?


Today, frogs that he designed and made have made their way to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, to Copenhagen in Denmark, to Japan, Spain and across the UK. Last year, they made their way to South Africa, when he gave them to an old family friend who in turn showed it to Clive Viveiros, the founder of executive search firm, pinpoint one human resources.

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Viveiros was fascinated by both the symbolism of the frog as a key factor in the ecosystem and a life giver, but also as a symbol of connectedness. He immediately began giving them out to his staff and to clients and candidates – and made the frog a focal point of his company’s birthday celebrations last year under the slogan: #LoveMeLoveMyFrog.


The uptake was so great that pinpoint one human resources partnered with a local 3D printing company to print their own frogs. They even produced a special frog, a red one, called #Placement which the COO would give to the consultant who’d made the biggest placement each day, only to be up for grabs the next day, sparking lively intra-office rivalry. Read the article here: 

Office computers to seed new entrepreneurs

pinpoint one donates office computers to seed new entrepreneurs.

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pinpoint one’s story of the frog was featured in the Saturday Citizen.

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pinpoint one is c-suite executive recruiters firm and is among the top executive placement firms in Johannesburg.

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