pinpoint one human resources goes back to its roots for bespoke birthday bash

pinpoint one human resources is one of the top executive head hunting firms in South Africa

The time came to find a venue for boutique c-suite. Critical skills executive search agency pinpoint one’s ongoing birthday celebration programme. There could only be one place: Gallery 2 on the Art Strip in Parkwood off Johannesburg’s Jan Smuts Avenue.

At 28 years old itself, Gallery 2 is only marginally older than pinpoint one, one of the top executive head hunting firms in South Africa. ppo is currently celebrating its 24th year in business this year. Originally established as Gallery on the Square at Nelson Mandela Square, Gallery 2 moved to its present location in 2010 to continue its mission of developing and showcasing south Africa’s fine arts talent.

It’s currently showcasing Wild Places and Other Feelings. The latest exhibition by Mpumalanga-based artist Karin Daymond of her evocative South African landscapes, which opened on 10 September.

The gallery has been one of pinpoint one’s strategic partners. Almost from the very beginning, they helped identify emerging talent that the agency could sponsor to fast-track their careers. One of those is Themba Khumalo from Orange Farm.

pinpoint one human resources showcase bursary art projects

The recipient of a four-year long bursary from pinpoint one and assisted to take part in two group exhibitions. This was before being funded to hold his debut solo exhibition. Four of his works were recently on show at Gallery 2.

“I’m very grateful to the help that pinpoint one has given me. Especially (pinpoint one founder, one of the top executive head hunting firms in South Africa) Clive Viveiros. He would often check in with me to find out how I was doing and encourage me. I have grown in confidence which you can see in the size of the works I produce. I have had opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine. Opportunities from hosting a solo exhibition to going to Dubai to exhibit there,” Khumalo says.

Supporting the arts has been a key pillar of pinpoint one’s corporate social responsibility programme since the very beginning.

top executive head hunting firms

Nelson Makamo: his mother; care and compassion.

our purpose is to unlock the talent that lies in our society

“As a passionate women owned, level 1 BEEE firm, our purpose is to unlock the talent that lies in our society. Also to transform our c-suites, boardrooms and management teams. Transforming them with the very best candidates this country can offer. It made total sense to reach out to our own arts world, under recognised and yet brimming with world class talent,” says Viveiros.

Human capital, he says, has many manifestations. “I’m always reminded of what Michelangelo said: ‘true art is a shadow of divine perfection. There is so much of that all around us but like a precious flower it needs care. It needs Commitment and the right conditions to achieve its true potential.

“It has been our privilege to assist artists like Themba. As well as Nelson Makamo, Bambo Sibiya and Philip Mabote to attain the international prominence they so richly deserve.”

top executive head hunting firms
top executive head hunting firms
top executive head hunting firms
top executive head hunting firms
top executive head hunting firms

Nelson Makamo: Somewhere I belong – 2009

pinpoint one human resources has awarded more than 30 bursaries

pinpoint one’s commitment to the arts dates back to 2002. When the company partnered with Artist Proof Studio in Newtown which provided a three-year programme developing talent. Also teaching paper and print making. Since then pinpoint one has awarded more than 30 bursaries. They received three Business and Arts South Africa Awards (2002, 2006 and 2012).

“Coming out of COVID 19 as we all did, we felt the best way to celebrate out birthday this year, was to reach out as wide and as far as we could and, literally, spread the love. Explains pinpoint one managing director Lucia Mabasa.

“pinpoint one has always been about inclusivity. The pandemic threatened that and so much else. We really wanted to recalibrate and our birthday was a wonderful focal point to do that.

“We were able to do this by returning to our roots through a series of innovative events. From Clive’s brainchild the #LoveMeLoveMyFrog community movement to championing pioneering winemaker Christa von La Chevallerie on her return to her Gauteng clients.”

Von La Chevallerie put on a special wine-tasting to pinpoint one clients on Thursday 29 September 2022, at the gallery. The catering was done by Pippa’s Food, a boutique Johannesburg catering company started by Pippa Hauptfleisch nine years ago.

“Clive really wanted to highlight pinpoint one’s support of women in business and he really challenged me to push my culinary boundaries. I chose foods that are the traditional symbols of womanhood, like oysters, pomegranates, grapefruit and figs and worked the menu around them,” says Hauptfleisch

“Hosting Christa at Gallery 2, as we enjoyed Pippa’s food surrounded by Karin’s latest work, really helps close the circle on what has been a wonderful celebration and a time of retrospection and gratitude for all of us pinpoint one,” says Mabasa.

“Karin’s work starts as a geographical point but quickly becomes her inner space. The exploration of belonging is central to her work. So too it is for us at pinpoint one, exploring our own belonging. We are excited at what the future holds for us and for our country.”


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