General Manager – C-Suite Executive reporting to CEO and the Board

Member of the Executive, planning at least 5 years ahead for the organisation as a whole. He heads up the apex department, turning strategy into a coordinated business plan and budget.

Subject to confrontational situations. e.g. Individuals or groups physically confront/intimidate the incumbent.

Critical impact on organisation’s ability to meet output requirements and/or serious loss/misuse of money.

Manages the department to achieve performance targets set by the Board

Making decisions that turn strategy and strategic decisions into actions.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius
Purpose: The strategic planning 5 years ahead for the whole organisation based on the strategic objectives flowing from the Board..
Salary: Negotiable
Package: Negotiable
Country: MU

Minimum requirements:

A General Manager with gravitas.

Broad and developed career experience engaging with Banks, Investors and Senior government officials.

Skills and experience  should be in:








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