“”My life” by

Nelson Makamo Artist

written in 2011

“”The Name is Nelson Makamo, born 1982 in Modimolle, my love for art started in high school where I had my first ever exhibition in grade 11, which I was selected among artist around Modimolle to take part in group exhibition,

Which after I finish high school like many young South African Johannesburg was the city of many opportunity, when my application was accepted at Artist Proof Studio, I knew it that the journey as an artist has begin, but in my heart it was a test of life and I only had three years, which during the three years period at artist proof studio little did I knew that
is was gonna let me to where I am today, because still is the most amazing moments my life, meeting Nhlahla Xaba, with whom a read about during my high school, and those works I admire whole heartily that on it’s own it was motivating me daily, also being introduce the first time to printmaking as my back ground was of drawing and painting, it was like viewing the world in a new different angle, My first two years at artist proof studio I was under Johnson and Johnson bursary, On
third year student where offered an opportunity to apply for another sponsor on which that I was there year I was introduce to pinpoint one, Their patronage was like a link missing my career and since 2006 there has been a drastic growth in my career, from first trip out of the country to a sold out first solo project.

From 2007- 2011 this are the countries i have exhibit my work at ….France, Amsterdam, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, England, Luxembourg, Italy, USA,

I have been with artist proof studio since 2003 and in 2008 I made decision to go in as a full time artist, as I felt that I wasn’t growing enough. And it was a life changing period as I have discipline, dedication, determination and hard work was the language needed to be acquired, In short I wish I can say more but the journey still continue. …””

Nelson Makamo has attained international accolade having attained interviews at Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah shows.

Nelson Makamo painting of Madiba



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