Anne Newman is a registered psychologist who has worked extensively in the field of Talent Development, from assessment of competencies and learning potential, to development of talent by means of specially designed accelerated coaching and development programmes. She has many years of experience in coaching and brings about change using her skills as a psychologist combined with many years of corporate experience and knowledge.


Newman specializes in assessment design which aims to provide accurate information from selected psychometric tests, case studies, in baskets and structured interviews. She works from competency-based job profiles so that assessments are designed to cover the identified competencies of the job. Assessments are conducted at all levels from top executive positions to shop floor workers and are aimed at identifying potential and ability in people.
Reports are concise and reader friendly so that HR specialists may share them with managers who are not qualified in psychological assessment. Anne makes recommendations regarding suitability for employment into the specified role. These recommendations include information on how to address competency gaps.


Psychometric assessment batteries are carefully designed to ensure that there is no bias and that the process is culture fair. Some of the assessment tools used have been developed in the Southern African region and measure potential as well as present ability so that recommendations can be made about talent development. All assessment tools are valid globally and have international norms.


Assessments are conducted all over the world using on-line and e-mail processes. These are supervised in the case of intellectual assessments.


She offers a 24-hour turnaround from assessment administration to delivery of reports, in order to accelerate the recruitment process. Feedback is offered to candidates when the recruitment process is completed with the permission of the client.


Newman has extensive experience in the private and public sector and is registered with the Central Data base for government work in South Africa.

Contact: [email protected]