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pinpoint one human resources provides effective executive search and recruitment services in the areas of C-suite, specialist and critical skills and human capital solutions across industries and professional disciplines, nationally in the Republic of South Africa and across Africa with the capability of servicing national and multi-national corporates.


– Academic and Education

– Agriculture

– Construction

– Energy

– Financial and Risk Management Services

– Healthcare

– Infrastructure

– Information Technology and Communication

– Legal and Compliance

– Mining

– Pharmaceuticals

– Public Sector

– Supply Chain and Logistics

talent solutions:

Executive Search is a proactive research based methodology to source, evaluate, deliver and recommend top performing C-Suite executives, critical and scarce skilled talent to benefit our clients.  This service is an exclusive strategic resourcing partnership and is outcomes focused, guarantees confidentiality and discretion with clients and candidates.

pinpoint one human resources identifies, attracts and screens talent who are considering new and exciting career opportunities on behalf of our clients. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply for jobs through various and diverse channels – print, electronic and social media.

pinpoint one human resources offers clients a suite of talent advisory services focused on talent management, which enables organisations to have the right people, at the right time, at the right place, enabling organisations to be competitive in an increasingly complex global economy.

Talent management is a set of integrated organisational human capital processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive engaged employees. The objective of talent management is to create a high performance, sustainable organisation that meets its strategic and operational objectives.  It is crucial that the business strategy and talent management strategy run parallel and are integrated, both of which are on-going strategic issues.  Without integration of both, successful talent management outcomes will not be achieved.

pinpoint one human resources advises organisations on integrating their business strategies and their talent management strategies and the processes to attract, develop, engage, motivate and retain these employees, in optimising organisation’s business performance.

Talent mapping is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of specialist and scarce skills who are of particular value to an organisation because of their high potential for the future or because they are fulfilling critical business roles.

In Executive Search, talent mapping includes the identification of talent within a specific sector, creating a pipeline of talent available now or in the future to accelerate business results.

pinpoint one human resources is able to create and or review all human resources policies and procedures or alternatively to develop additional policies and procedures where appropriate.

Job Evaluation and Grading is the process for assessing the relative worth of jobs within an organisation. Job evaluation provides a scientific and consistent approach for determining the remuneration of employees within an organisation.  It is crucial to remember that Job Evaluation is the process of assessing the job and not the person performing the job. This should essentially remove the subjectivity that is inherent in the process of employee remuneration. pinpoint one human resources is able to advise on job grading systems such as Paterson, Pheromones, Hay, Castellion or simply a semantic scale describing occupational levels.

Job profiles are developed utilizing the organisation strategy and performance objectives. These are the fundamental building blocks for any strategic talent strategy. Job profiles establish the guidelines and criteria for hiring, standards for evaluation of performance and to ensure teams are organised in an efficient manner and perform optimally. Job profiles define role accountability, outputs and the skills set best suited to the role.

This is a formal process of integrating the future direction, processes, people and technology of an organisation to ensure alignment with the business strategy, and to match the “form” of the organisation as close as possible to the outcomes the company seeks to achieve as captured in its strategic plan. A well-designed organization ensures that the form of the organization matches its purpose or strategy, meets the challenges posed by business realities and significantly improves profitability, customer service, internal operations and employee commitment.

Psychometric and competency assessments are scientific and licensed tools, tailored to support hiring decisions and development of high potential candidates.

It is critical that the level of the position within an organization is confirmed and to define the competencies required for the job. pinpoint one human resources offers state of the art assessment tools, registered with the South African Health Professions Council.

The aim and focus of coaching is to partner with clients in growing their decision making, mindfulness and strategic functioning, enabling them to achieve results.  Coaching aims to enhance the potential and ability of individuals to better deal with the demands of change and uncertainty in their corporate roles and personal lives – enhancing their agility. pinpoint one coaches are trusted thinking partners of many executives.

We offer group and team coaching. This contributes to teams honing their communication, decision making, strategic alignment and executive functioning skills thus enhancing their corporate stewardship and profitability.

Our coaches select from a host of tools and models, depending on the coaching requirement of the client.