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Executive Search is not easy neither is headhunting.

Yet at pinpoint one human resources, the leading executive search firm in South Africa and Africa, established in 1999, we might have that one career opportunity that ignites your career and infuses you with energy and your career reaches new heights.

Whether you are a C-Suite executive or a person with scarce and critical skills- this area is just expanding- you must peruse pinpoint one Careers.

The team at pinpoint one human resources is not just another executive search firm.

we are proudly South African, 51 % Black female owned achieved by our own employee.

if the role being advertised is not for you, we tell you.

we are honest and transparent, if you don’t meet the minimum criteria as advertised, we won’t pretend you do.

if your CV is a mess and your skills are not highlighted, we tell you – “ Focus on rewriting your CV”.

the pinpoint one human resources team is focussed on your career, so that your career transcends your acquired skills. the pinpoint one human resources team is focused on adding value to your career.

we advise on careers and career development so that you can sustain your career for longer and don’t become irrelevant in this ever changing and tumultuous world.

These opportunities are currently in South Africa, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, and Zambia and now with a new President, Tanzania, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia.

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